How to Fight Depression

Surely you have already heard a million times how any form of physical activity is beneficial to the body. Well, guess what, physical activity is useful! And not only for your heart or your hips but also for the brain. Almost all the negative manifestations of depression can be dealt with through body training.

  • It makes you sleepy and tired. Physical activity gives energy and vitality;
  • It messes up with your sleep. Physical exercise improves it, it restores your brain;
  • It worsens your appetite. As a result, you don't want to eat and when you do - you consume small portions of food. Physical activity increases appetite, normalizes nutrition and improves your health.
  • So, appart from trying to meet single women online in order to fight a depression, also try to follow these rules.

Set goals, make decisions

There was a study during which scientists grouped rats in pairs and injected them with cocaine. Rat A received a dose of the drug by pulling the appropriate lever, while Rat B had to wait for this moment.
Thus, they had the same portions of cocaine at the same time, but rat A was constantly pulling on the lever, and rat B did nothing. As a result, rat A received a significantly larger influx of dopamine (a hormone that increases the sense of joy and pleasure from life).
So, setting a goal and achieving it brings both humans and animals more satisfaction than something that was obtained by chance. Of course, introducing cocaine to rats is not too noble, but this mechanism applies to all of us.


Your brain constantly receives signals from the body about the things that it feels. In a state of depression, people inevitably perform numerous actions that negatively affect the connection between the body and the brain. For example, they adopt a self-deprecating or a somewhat detached attitude to life which is usually characterized by the lowered arms and head that is leaning forward. This position only makes the feeling of sadness even stronger.

Communicate with your relatives and friends

In depression, you often want to be alone with yourself. However, it is well known that time spent with friends and family members softens the depressive mood. Surprisingly, the support of family and friends can even increase the effectiveness of antidepressants.
If you do not want to talk to anyone, try to invite over a friend that does not require active communication to spend some quality time. Go out to see some movie together or play a board game. At the same time, you will not feel obliged to discuss your condition if you do not want to do it. However, if you wish to communicate, you will always have this opportunity.
The mere thoughts about the people you love will help to make it easier for you. Dutch researchers conducted an experiment, the participants of which were asked to think about someone who was really dear to them, about someone to whom they would turn during hard times.
The subjects were asked to imagine that this person was standing behind them, providing them with moral support. Then the participants were put in artificial conditions that imitated their social rejection. Thoughts about their friends significantly eased their stress.