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thanks for participating


Thank you for posting these comments.  We do hear you in the campaign, which is why we set up this forum.  It is not always so easy to come out with statements and positions that quickly, remember there are eight and a half million people in New Jersey.

I'm working on this.

by Matt Stoller on August 15 at 7:27 PM EST
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The Common Sense Law

Mr. Stoller,

Thank you for responding. I appreciate your comments and I am happy to know that you HEAR all of us. Danielle's Law is a "no brainer" and simply, "common sense". What is there to think about? Do what you would do for ANY PERSON under such critical circumstances. The purpose of the law is to serve as a reminder; that EVERYONE across the country must protect our most weakest individuals in society. My hope is that Danielle's Law is NEVER activated.

4.5 million developmentally disabled people "could" be protected and safeguarded by Danielle's Law as an added measure of protection. Doesnt it seem silly that "it is not always so easy to come out with a statement and position that quickly"?

Robin Turner www.thefamilyalliance.net

by Robin on August 15 at 8:56 PM EST
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No Brainer


Unless I have missed something, Danielle's Law really is a no brainer. I'll tell you, if I was the senator, I'd jump on this one.

Everyone is Included...All People, All Places, All Ways www.everyoneisincluded.us

by Ed Rosenberg on August 15 at 9:08 PM EST
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It's All About "Special Interest"

Mr. Corzine should try harder to protect our vulnerable population. I believe it is his DUTY AND OBLIGATION to protect them even more so. (As Advocate stated above, most of the developmentally disabled do not vote, but their families and friends do, and THEIR family and friends do, etc, etc...) New Jersey has been put on red Alert.

Right now, it WOULD NOT be in Mr. Corzine's best interest to support such a worthy and needed cause, otherwise he would have "JUMPED ON IT". I am quite sure being only 50% in the polls can be
quite frustrating when you think you are God's great gift to mankind. He needs that Union vote. Mr. Corzine doesnt want to mess with that. So our developmentally disabled citizens are put "ON HOLD" for now. Its all about JON CORZINE. THATS MY OPINION.

Robin Turner www.thefamilyalliance.net

by Robin on August 15 at 10:27 PM EST
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What are you actually looking for?

Are you looking for an answer to your concerns or merely using this forum to attack the Senator on whatever issue you hope to generate sympathy for? Protecting the disabled is a good cause, but insulting and threatening Senator Corzine by calling him selfish and corrupt is not going to help you get responses from the campaign. As Matt has said, the purpose of this forum is for people to express their concerns and await a timely response from the campaign. Attacks and insults are not going to help.

by Brandon on August 15 at 10:43 PM EST
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