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Kelo flawed, let me count the ways

 For the first time in our two hundred plus year history it is legal for the government to seize your property not for the building of public works but to give to a developer to enhance the tax collection. This change came not from the legistator but was illegally legislated from the bench(1). The decision stands in violation of the forth amendment that gaurantees against unreasonable seizures in our home(2). It meets the legal definition of theft which is "the taking of someones property for the purpose of depriving them thereof"(3) and fails to disprove itself to be theft both by not putting every prospective eminent domain case through the test of local referendum(4), and by not giving the homeowner the opportunity to develop the property themselves(5). It opens the door to wide spread corruption in a multitude of ways: by giving crooked developers the opportunity to pay off local politicians for your property with campaign contributions (6), by giving local politicians the opportunity to draw prospective eminent domain sites around but not including there own properties as they have in Neptune N.J.(7), by giving local planning boards the opportunity to act in conflict of interest by disallowing new business start ups so as to orchestrate a blighted area in order to rationalize an upcoming eminent domain seizure as I suspect they have done to me in Highlands N.J. (8 ). In enacting legislation that has already caused bloodshed in other parts of the world (Chinese seizures south of Peking drew blood last year) the SCOTUS has failed it's duty/mandate to preserve and protect the domestic tranquility(9) particularly as Americans are historically known to love their freedom more than the Chinese. It spits on our Christian religeous traditions that preceeded and shaped our legal system in the most basic and blatant ways, both by commiting the sin of waste by knocking down perfectly good houses(10) and by breaking the commandment "Thou shalt not steal"(11). Kelo versus New London spits on our free enterprise system in that it ignores that these property owners beat these developers to these properties fair and square in accordance with that system(12) and that they therefore deserve to be the ones who profit from buying property of rising value(13). Not only does Kelo spit on the free enterprise system but also on the graves of every man and woman who fought and died to create, preserve and protect that system(14) which just pisses me off. Kelo places local law enforcement in the morally difficult and repugnant situation of being the arms in this armed robbery (15) and potentially in the position of having to blow away their mom should she resist having her home torn from her(16). In the law books there is a passage that states, "When the government ceases to serve the people that government should be overthrown", and the Kelo decision does not serve the people the Kelo decision replaces the people(17). The morally bankrupt rationalition that it serves the people to elevate intake of the government could just as easily be used to justify the making of these home owners into lampshades(18 ). After all, the town hall needs lampshades doesn't it and if your going break one commandment to get what you want can breaking others be far behind? The whole concept that people should have their homes ripped from them because they failed to serve the government with enough tax money is ignorant of the fact that the government exists to serve the people not the other way around(19). I may be no judicial expert but if the decision you make should cause our forefathers to essentially put a hit out on you from the grave(as #17 does), chances are it wasn't a very good decision(20). With this decision the Supreme Court has departed from everything America stands for, everything Americans have always stood for and everything that seperates us from every totalitarian regime from King George to the red Chinese(21) and it should not stand one moment longer. It gives incentive to elected officials to purposefully allow areas to fall into disrepair in order to orchestrate a blighted neighborhood in preperation for an eminent domain seizure(22). It discourages new businesses in areas prone to seizure because  people know all their hard work building up a property may be taken away from them(23). It discourages new business start ups in seizure prone areas because people know they may find themselves moved away from their customer base.(24).Kelo is flawed in that it creates a conflict of interest in which local governments are encouraged to not live within their budgets but within the net worth of the community. Why would any politician want to live within the bounds of his budget if not doing so would get him the excuse to sell off the people's properties in exchange for giant campaign contributions from developers?(25) The Kelo decision is flawed in that it is inherently racially discriminatory to remove a predominantly poor race from an area and replace them with people from a predominantly rich race. You can't just go turning Hooville into Jewville without starting the same kind of long term problems they have in places like Isreal and the bible says nothing about the Jews being entitled to the seafront of Long Branch , New Jersey.(26)

When the government ceases to serve the people that government should be overthrown.

by Freedomist on February 04 at 11:37 AM EST


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