Thank you, New Jersey

Long ago, I recognized that no one succeeds alone, and yesterday's victory confirmed that basic principle. I never would have been elected the next governor of New Jersey without your support and encouragement. Thank you for making my campaign a success.

Yesterday, New Jersey voters showed that ideas are stronger than insults, that substance can triumph over slogans, and that smear tactics are not welcome here. They voted to reduce the property tax burden on middle and moderate income families and seniors, expand access to quality medical care, improve our public schools, and make New Jersey a global leader in embryonic stem cell research. And, with your continued support over the next four years, we'll begin to reach our potential and move this state forward together.

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What is Corzine Connection?

Corzine Connection Mission:

  1. Build a grassroots community that is a place for genuine interaction between activists and the campaign while also serving as a forum to be heard.
  2. Communicate with members about campaign activities, volunteer opportunities, and important issues.
  3. Organize members at a local level, in conjunction with our field staff, to engage in voter contact activities like phone calls and door-to-door canvassing.
  4. Encourage member participation in issue campaigns to influence New Jersey voters and media.
  5. Create an organization that will continue beyond November by helping to renew a sense of achievement, progress and momentum in New Jersey grassroots politics.

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