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Endorsement Round-Up

By: Matt Stoller October 24 at 7:26 PM EST

The Trenton Times endorsed Corzine yesterday.

Sen. Corzine's positions on major social issues are thoughtful, practical, compassionate and consistent.

The senator unequivocally supports public funding for research on embryonic stem cells derived from embryos that otherwise would be discarded at fertility clinics. Scientists say these cells hold great potential for finding effective treatments for many diseases, and Sen. Corzine believes the research could be a huge economic boon to New Jersey, where acting Gov. Richard J. Codey already has laid the groundwork. Mr. Forrester opposes such funding, a position that aligned him with the right-wing groups whose votes he solicited in the Republican Party primary election. Since the primary, however, he has tried to straddle the issue by asserting that ethical objections to the use of embryonic cells have been made moot by reports of ingenious but unproven new techniques for extracting them without destroying embryos. Sen. Corzine favors controlled needle-exchange programs for drug addicts to reduce New Jersey's appalling incidence of HIV and other blood-borne diseases that are spread by dirty syringes; Mr. Forrester has been an opponent of this humane strategy. The senator backs a statewide ban on smoking in restaurants and bars to protect the health of their employees; Mr. Forrester would let the proprietors decide.

Sen. Corzine, as the self-made former CEO of Goldman Sachs, has a record of accomplishment in the financial world that gives credibility to his assurance that he can "bring 21st-century management practices to state government" and increase the growth of the state's economy. As a U.S. senator, he deserves special credit for leading the drive for greater security requirements for the chemical plants that abound in New Jersey, and for having the skepticism and foresight to vote against an Iraq invasion that the Bush administration justified with falsehoods and conducted with incompetence.

Professor Kim endorsed Corzine last week.

So for me, the question is not, which candidate will spur growth by reducing taxes, but which candidate will make an effort to ensure that we do the best job that we can to protect the most vulnerable during the inevitable belt-tightening of the next few years. When I look at the economic development (Forrester, Corzine) and housing affordability plans (Corzine, (Forrester), that the two candidates offer, I find that Corzine is clearer about how his proposals will be paid for, and that counts with me. When I look at their plans for health care, education, environmental cleanup and jobs creation, I find that Corzine's plans take a comprehensive look at ways of benefitting the people of New Jersey in solving the state's problems, while Forrester's proposals center upon cutting taxes and regulations for business with the hope that they, in turn, will invest in jobs and improved services. While it's obviously important to keep the state's business climate competitive, cutting federal taxes when we face such massive deficits has contributed to the mess we find ourselves in now, and I see no reason to compound that failure at the state level.

The New York Times  endorsed Corzine last week.

Sharon at the Center for New Jersey Life has also endorsed Corzine.

I'll try to collect these going forward.

Doug Lies About Releasing His Tax Returns

By: Matt Stoller October 24 at 3:29 PM EST

Back in April, Forrester promised to release his tax forms.  And what a surprise, looks like he didn't release them.

Forrester allowed reporters to view his income tax returns yesterday afternoon after filing for two extensions and hearing Democrats accuse him of stalling. Forrester released only the two-page summaries for his state and federal tax returns, rather than the full 2003 and 2004 returns Corzine provided this summer.

"This is what we're releasing," Sylvester said "It gives you the information you need."

I'm glad Forrester's spokesperson is happy to give us the information we need, and not the information Doug promised.

Just a little reminder, in August here was the Forrester camp laying out their promise:

As promised, gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester today released his income tax filings for recent years for media review.

The key word is 'recent years'.  He didn't release his 2004 tax returns in August, and he didn't release them now.


Maybe If I Pretend to Like Football, They'll Pretend to Like Me

By: Matt Stoller October 24 at 11:32 AM EST


Forrester, meanwhile, recently said he's a fan of both the Eagles and Giants, a stance conflicting with laws of nature.

(Hat tip to Sharon.)

Hillary Clinton Stumps for Corzine

By: Matt Stoller October 22 at 7:04 PM EST

Angela Delli Santi writes about her visit:

Democratic nominee Jon Corzine appeared alongside fellow U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Republican contender Doug Forrester brought in Arizona Sen. John McCain.

The events marked the continuation of a strategy that has become common this election season: visits by charismatic, nationally known politicians to stump for the multimillionaire candidates embroiled in one of the nation's two gubernatorial races.

At the Corzine rally in Edison, a crowd of 1,500 women heard Clinton talk about what she said were President Bush's failed policies and about why Corzine would be a good governor.

"He really does have what I consider to be the best combination for public service," Clinton said. "He has a great mind, big heart."

Clinton said she got to know Corzine when both were new to the Senate.

"Jon and I stood together as they tried to roll back the rights of Americans and particularly the rights of women," Clinton said. "He was a strong, staunch ally."

Corzine, who spoke before Clinton, told the crowd, "Elections are about choices. Women understand the word 'choice' because that is something that is absolutely essential and needs to be defended."

"I need your help on Nov. 8," Corzine said. "Women make up 52 percent of the population and 54 percent of the electorate. I can't win without their support."

Stem Cells: Flip Flop Forrester?

By: Matt Stoller October 21 at 1:08 PM EST

Depending on the day, Forrester's position on stem cells has remained consistent, has 'evolved', has flip flopped, or has betrayed his supporters.  Sometimes, 'no one is more excited' than Doug Forrester about stem cells, though other days stem cell research is irrelevant and 'not an issue anymore.'  

Pretty weird, huh.

It's almost as if Doug says different and opposite things to different people, just to get elected.


Tom Moran weighs in.

For the record, Doug Forrester opposes public funding for embryonic stem cell research, and Jon Corzine favors it.

It's a clear difference, but one that was lost in the mist during their televised debate this week.

Forrester was asked directly: Do you favor public funding for embryonic stem cell research? Not much wiggle room there.
Here is the answer he gave: "There are few things that are more exciting than stem cell research."

He then told how his daughter, Briana, suffered a serious brain injury and developed Hodgkins disease. Stem cell research, he said, could wind up helping her.

"We need to do it vigorously," he said. "We need to do it now."

So what gives?

The next day, Forrester was in full defensive crouch, refusing to answer questions. But his spokeswoman confirmed that he opposes any public funding for this research, no matter how much he gushed during the debate.

All politicians spin during a debate. But this one was over the top.

The honest answer to the question would have been "no." And he sure seemed to say "yes."

Even his allies don't trust him.  

But his position on the morality of this research flips and flops.

He says he supports the Bush restrictions, but also says he has no ethical objection to the kind of research that Bush has specifically ruled out funding.

To lure conservatives, he has signaled opposition, saying he opposed "using human beings as guinea pigs." And to lure moderates and liberals, he's struck a supportive note, as he did during the debate.

The danger for politicians who shift ground like this is that they end up pleasing no one.

Marie Tasy, of New Jersey Right to Life, said that Forrester wobbled in the same way over abortion before settling on a position in favor of abortion rights.

"He told people face-to-face that he was pro-life," she says.  "He walks a tightrope. He's trying to pander to his pro-abortion supporters while not alienating Republican pro-life voters. It's a conundrum for a candidate who thinks he can have it both ways."

And there's this passasge, from the article by Angela Delli Santi of the AP.

Forrester had been ambiguous until now, less than three weeks before the Nov. 8 election. His position is not articulated on his Web site, and he has not used the word embryonic when publicly talking about stem-cell research. Such work also can be done using umbilical cord blood or bone marrow, which does not destroy embryos.

Sylvester said Forrester had "not dodged this question. He has talked about it in detail." She said his latest statement was his most succinct but did not represent a changed view.
The GOP campaign's remarks drew swift criticism from the state's leading antiabortion activist, who accused the candidate of changing his mind.

"Obviously, it seems like Forrester's all over the place," said Marie Tasy, executive director for New Jersey Right to Life. "I remember during the primary he said he was against embryonic stem-cell research. There were no conditions. Then I heard, 'I'm against funding of it.' "

Tom Hester outlines the issue.

Ever-emotional and ever-changing, the issue of the state immersing itself in embryonic stem-cell research has become a focus of the gubernatorial campaign, with Democrats contending it will woo voters their way on Nov. 8.

But Republican candidate Doug Forrester is arguing the issue is irrelevant.

After two teams of Massachusetts researchers recently announced they had moved toward creating embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos, Forrester - who opposes embryonic stem-cell research - declared the advancement means the stem-cell debate will be less important to voters.
"I don't think that is an issue anymore," Forrester said.

Nice Headline Round-Up from BlueJersey.net

By: Matt Stoller October 20 at 6:10 PM EST

Juan Melli at the new and excellent BlueJersey.net had a great headline round-up on Forrester:

Philadelphia Inquirer (10/17): Forrester contracts tied to entities that aided his candidacy
Associated Press (10/17-18): Forrester business contracts tied to GOP party politics (2), (3), (4)
Associated Press (10/18):
Forrester defends his business ties to GOP officials
Star Ledger (10/18):
Democrats repeat pay-to-play charge
The Press of Atlantic City (10/18):
Forrester accused of pay-to-play deal involving Gormley's son
Courier Post (10/18):
Burlco Democrats tout GOP pay-to-play
The Bergen Record (10/18):
Pension woes worry candidates (end of article)

Care to explain, Doug?

Debate Round-Up

By: Matt Stoller October 20 at 6:09 PM EST

Based on the emails coming in and the comments on the blog, it's pretty clear the debate went well for Corzine - here's a round-up of some of the newspaper and blog coverage (a little late, we're sorry).  First though, a little aside.  I got an email from the Forrester campaign claiming that his momentum is growing.  In a Quinnipiac poll released yesterday Forrester is slipping further behind and Jon Corzine is at 50%.  I suppose Forrester decided to send out the email before the poll came out.  Oops.  

Insert.  Foot.  Mouth.

Ok, now the round-up.

i support corzine who supports SCI (Stem Cell Institute)

By: scipatientnj October 19 at 5:01 PM EST

Bumped to the front-page by Matt

Hi My name is Caren. I  am 26 years old. I live in kearny, nj and i have a spinal cord injury. I was the victim of a violent crime last year and i am partially paralyzed as a result.  I am still in treatment for my injury at Kessler Institute in West Orange, new jersey.  I never thought i would be in this position, but it does comfort me to know that i have access to wonderful healthcare at kessler and research is being done daily to help cure spinal cord injury. I look forward to the day that I can get the transplant and benifit from the results.  I am so thankful that Mr. Corzine supports stem cell research. That means so much to so many of us who suffer the effects of spinal cord injury. Mr Corzine is our voice in government to help us


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