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Congressman Holt Blogging on Bluejersey

By: Matt Stoller October 30 at 3:36 PM EST

I'm at a Corzine Connection party right now where Congressman Rush Holt is talking and blogging. His blog post is here.

Head on over to BlueJersey.net where Congressman Rush Holt is liveblogging.  If you have any questions head on over.

An Evolution of A Position? Or Just Another Deception?

By: Matt Stoller October 28 at 5:10 PM EST

Note this article in the Star Ledger titled "Forrester reverses field, backs stem-cell research":

Forrester previously endorsed President Bush's 2001 position barring federal funding for research on embryonic stem cells except those extracted before the ban.

During a debate last week, Forrester signaled a shift in his position by praising the latest stem-cell research. The next day, Sylvester said his remarks represented "an evolution of his position."

Only days earlier, Forrester had told The Star-Ledger: "What I have found is that -- I think it's more clear today than it was two months ago -- that the embryonic stem-cell research isn't going anywhere."

So in a few days, embryonic stem cell research goes from hopeless to wonderful.  And this is an 'evolution' of your position?  No, Doug, evolution is a scientific theory, something that you and your party apparently don't like very much.  No, Doug, this is a flip-flop, a lie, a deception, however you want to phrase it.  You said one thing on one day to one set of people, and said the opposite thing on another day to a different set of people.  

And that's probably why scientists and people who need treatment don't trust you:

For researchers like Cohen -- a Canadian -- the politics are beside the point.

"We're non-partisan at Coriell," said Cohen. "We're hosting Codey and Corzine because we're interested in the future of medicine. If Forrester changed his mind about the research, great. But I'd be nervous about anyone who changes their mind on any issue weeks before the election. Corzine has been consistent in his support of this research. I think the taxpayers are smart enough to know that we can save lives this way."

Moving Reactions to Senator Corzine's Embryonic Stem Cell Research Position

By: Matt Stoller October 28 at 12:54 PM EST

From Casey:

Thank you Senator Corzine for running this ad.  At 57, I have Parkinson's disease.  I pray that your ad works and helps to get you elected!


From Rachel:

My grandfather had Alzheimer's. I hope that the long-term aim of this amazing research is for cells to be used to build replacement neural tissue for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's sufferers.

Thank you for helping.


From gmisieczko:

Thank you, Senator Corzine, for supporting this vital research. My 8-year-old son, Michael, has Type 1 diabetes. Parents of children with serious diseases and health conditions want to see their kids grow up healthy and strong. You are helpng to make this happen.

From Alethea27:

I have Type 1 diabetes and I want to thank you for your support of stem cell research. The more support and publicity this research receives, the less likely the President, his right-wing supporters, and the religious right will be able to stop it from becoming a reality. Again, thank you for your support.

From Faye:

Thank you for Supporting Public Funding of SCR!

My son Jason(15) became paralyzed after colliding with another soccer player at age 7. He wants his life back.

From Jane Oie:

Dear Senator Corzine,
Thanks for all you do in the area of stem cell research.  I have a 35 year old son who has had juvenile diabetes since he was 8.  He has had 3 kidney transplants and a failed pancreas transplant.  Because of this awful illness, he has some vision loss, neuropathy of his stomach and hands, along with other problems.  His driving is limited, because of the difficulty in controlling his sugar levels.  He's unable to work, even though he was able to obtain his BS in history.  His life is important to me, along with many others.

Also, my husband, a Lutheran chaplain, has Parkinson's Disease.  It's painful to watch his health deteriorate.  He's a very intelligent man.  And his life is important and he does much good.
How can an embryo be more valuable then their lives??

From Marlene, an ALS patient:

This IS why you are my Governor.  Stem Cell Research gives me hope.  Thank you for being open minded and for understanding my desire to live.  My only dream today is to see my son graduate high school - in 14 years!  Thank you!


By: Matt Stoller October 27 at 5:57 PM EST

From Steve DeMicco:

Corzine for Governor Campaign Director Steve DeMicco today released the below statement:

In his letter to Mr. Forrester's lawyers this afternoon, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Susswein has put Mr. Forrester on notice that continuing the practice of making campaign contributions in his present status as a majority stockholder of Heartland Fidelity Insurance Company and Benecard Services Inc. may well constitute criminal violations of New Jersey's statutes.

Although the Attorney General has determined that criminal prosecution is not appropriate at this time, he has made clear the possibility that such prosecution might occur if Mr. Forrester's practice of making political contributions should continue.  The Corzine Campaign has maintained from the start that Mr. Forrester's actions constitute a violation of New Jersey's laws and this letter confirms that this may well be the case.

Embryonic Stem Cell Article Round-Up

By: Matt Stoller October 26 at 5:51 PM EST

Drawing the Fine Line on Stem Cell Research, by David Chen of the New York Times

Corzine ad uses paralyzed wrestler to tout embryonic stem cell research by Jeffrey Gold of the AP

Corzine's Stem Cell Face by John McAlpin of the Bergen Record

Corzine's stem cell ad slams Forrester by Tom Hester of the Trenton Times

Doug likes to say that the only difference in position is that Corzine supports funding the initiative, and he doesn't. Here's the thing, though. Supporting embryonic stem cell research is all about publicly funding the science, which Bush won't do on the Federal level so we now have to do it on the state level.

Put another way, you can eat a sandwich. You can't eat the idea of a sandwich. In other words, if you say 'here have this idea of a sandwich' you're not actually serving lunch.

Statement from Carl Riccio on Embryonic Stem Cells

By: Matt Stoller October 26 at 12:32 PM EST

"It has been brought to my attention, that Doug Forrester, has made comments to the effect, that I have been taken advantage of by me expressing myself supporting Senator Corzine, and specifically supporting his stance on embryonic stem cell research.  I am releasing this statement to clear up any misunderstanding. I am completely aware that when I came out in support of Senator Corizine and his stance on embryonic stem cell research I would automatically be involved in controversy.  That is the nature of politics, and sadly, the search for a cure for dozens of diseases and conditions with embryonic stem cell research is a political issue.  

I have never met, therefore I do not know Doug Forrester.  I am sure he is a good man, but he does not support the public funding of embryonic stem cell research, which at this time still gives us the best hope of a cure for central nervous system diseases and spinal cord injuries.  Public funding will make the research move faster, therefore finding cures sooner.  

"A person in my condition is very aware of every thing that is going on throughout the world that can possibly cure spinal cord injuries.  Just like most people who are afflicted by a disease such as diabetes, cancer etc.   We become well read on our particular medical problem. It would be hard pressed for any lay person to know more about spinal cord injuries, and what is going on in the world as far as research goes, for a cure, then me.

 "A few months ago Doug Forrester's office called my mother to ask her if she was interested in meeting with Doug Forrester's campaign to discuss Stem cell research.  She said she would be happy to and if  Forrester's office would name the place and time she would be there.   My mother never heard back.  I can assure you I am well aware of Mr. Forrester's stance on stem cells as well as embryonic stem cell research.

"With all that I have just said I hope it is clear that not only was I not taken advantage of   by being in the commercial supporting embryonic stem cell research, and Senator Corzines campaign for Governor, but that my presence and words were well thought out and understood."

Thank you very much,

Carl Riccio

You can watch the commercial in which Carl appears here.

Forrester and NTU: Perfect Together

By: Matt Stoller October 26 at 10:22 AM EST

"It's time to push the tax code over a cliff.  We should have a national sales tax."  John Berthoud, President of the National Taxpayers Union

If Forrester were a moderate, he wouldn't be backed by people who believe in extreme policies. The Forrester ads call Jon Corzine a liberal tax-hiker, and claim as evidence that he got an 'F' rating four years running from 'tax watchdog' group the National Taxpayers Union (NTU).

So since we're embroiled in a little tiff over tax histories, let's just examine whether this ‘union’ is an ordinary tax watchdog group innocently looking out for the interests of the taxpayers.

First, let's examine their claims. The National Taxpayers Union uses similar logic to that of the Forrester campaign. In their world, a vote for a tax cut for the middle class is a tax hike if you didn't vote for an even bigger tax cut for the wealthy. Witness this tortuous logic from Forrester's campaign: (via a Herb Jackson column)

Bill Bradley

By: Matt Stoller October 25 at 5:49 PM EST

Former Senator Bill Bradley endorsed Corzine, and cut a positive radio ad on Jon Corzine, his record in the Senate, and his accomplishments.  Here's the script.

Bradley: I played professional basketball before I entered politics; that's unusual. But for 18 years, I did my very best to represent New Jersey in the United States Senate.

Announcer: That's Bill Bradley. He's talking about a different kind of leadership for New Jersey.

Bradley: There's someone else who's not politics as usual: Jon Corzine. Jon ran one of America's most respected companies and knows how to lead a large organization. Then Jon went to the United States Senate to speak for New Jersey. Jon is in politics for the right reason: service, not self-interest. In the Senate he fought for tax cuts for families, took on corporate corruption, led the way on homeland security. Jon and I both came from experiences that made us independent of the grip of traditional politics. We both have stood up for New Jersey in Washington. I know that Jon will fight for what he thinks is right. I know he'll be a great governor for all New Jerseyans.

Announcer: Two leaders who make New Jersey proud. That's why Bill Bradley is endorsing Jon Corzine for Governor.


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