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Corzine Receives Endorsement from Gun Violence Prevention Groups

By: Matt Stoller November 03 at 4:05 PM EST

Corzine was endorsed by three gun violence prevention groups today:

Leaders of three prominent gun violence prevention groups, joined with Governor Richard J. Codey and former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, to laud Jon Corzine's consistent and long-standing efforts to prevent gun violence through his work in the United States Senate. Members of Ceasefire NJ, The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Million Mom March Chapters of New Jersey officially endorsed the U.S. Senator's gubernatorial candidacy citing his demonstrated Washington record and his clear vision for gun violence prevention in New Jersey.

"Jon Corzine has worked incredibly hard in Washington for policies that would reverse America's terrible gun violence problem," said Sarah Brady, Chair of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  "In battle after battle, he's been in the trenches with us and he's done the right thing.  He is a terrific advocate, a wonderful human being, and I know he'll be a remarkable Governor for the people of New Jersey."

"We have never found Jon Corzine to waver in his convictions about gun violence prevention," said Carole Stiller, president of the Million Mom March Chapters of NJ, an affiliate of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "On the other hand, I feel his opponent's comment that `It isn't any of my business whether my neighbor likes to shoot semi-automatic weapons or not' should send shivers up the spine of any parent who might send their child to that neighbor's house to play!"

"It is an honor to stand here with these organizations and accept their endorsement as we head into the final days of my campaign for Governor," Corzine said. "The work they do to keep guns off our streets, out of the hands of criminals and away from our children makes a difference in people's lives here in New Jersey and across the nation."

Endorsement Round-Up

By: Matt Stoller November 02 at 3:42 PM EST

Today, the New York Daily News endorsed Jon Corzine.  This brings to nine the number of papers that are on board.

The New York Daily News
The Princeton Packet (thanks reader Seaofivy)
The Jersey Journal
The New York Times
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Press of Atlantic City
The Trenton Times
The Gloucester County Times
The Express-Times


By: Richard Roper November 01 at 7:17 PM EST

I'm ready to answer any questions listeners might have during and after the WBGO-FM Corzine/Forrester debate.

Richard W. Roper

Property taxes: The property tax issue is perhaps the most important issue with which the two main candidates for governor of NJ must contend. It is not an easy problem to solve, but the two candidates' approaches are at opposite poles. I don't understand how Dog Forrester's plan will provide long term relief for tax payers, while the Corzine approach offers both immediate relief and the promise of additional relief in the out years. I think the longer term answer though is a serious commitment to real property tax reform.

Corruption: I don't think, as Jon Corzine has stated, that anyone challenges his ethical standards. His record of honest, forthright public service is there for all to see; and it clearly indicates that he is beholden to no one; he is very much his own man. The kinds of corruption problems that have engulfed the state's political landscape have not touched Corzine and moreover he has demonstrated a degree of political independence that should make him more than up to the task of changing the way business is done in the state -- for the better.

Smart Growth: I am one of the founders of NJ Future, an organization devoted to helping balance growth and development in NJ, so my commitment to open space preservation and directed growth in population centers is without question. We need leaders in Trenton who are similarly committed and are willing to take on the interests committed to turning every square inch of the state into a developed landscape. I think Jon Corzine has made clear his commitment to these principals, I'm not sure where Doug Forrester is on these issues. I note, however, that NJ's major environmental organizations, that share a concern about balanced growth and development, have endorsed Corzine.

Gangs:Residents of urban areas, and increasingly residents in the suburbs as well, are extremely concerned about the state's growing problem of youth gangs. As Jon Corzine has stated, the solution involves engaging local residents in partnership with local law enforcement to monitor the problem and cooperate in identifying and applying appropriate corrective steps. But, to do what needs to be done in the areas of prevention and promotion of alternative behavior will require federal as well as state resources. The federal resources have not been forthcoming to date and state resources have not been adequate. A much greater effort must be made to secure them and Corzine said he's committed to doing this.

DYFS: In the state's cities, I think child welfare reform is perhaps the second most important issue after education improvement. The problem looms large in cities because of the number of families who rely on the state for protection of children and families. New Jersey has not done enough to address the issue, in spite of a court directive to do so. The court mandated Child Welfare Panel has been embroiled in controversy with the Dept. of Human Services about how reform should proceed while at risk children are not being protected. Both candidates have said they are concerned about the state's failure to fix this problem but Corzine has stated clearly that he is committed to making the system work for children and families. I'm inclined to take him at his word based on his ability to relate to those who are dependent on government's safety net.

Overall: Each candidate put his best foot forward in tonight's debate. This is crunch time; the voters are poised to make up their minds, if they have not already. I think Jon Corzine made a compelling case for why he should be elected to the office of governor and I think any objective listener would agree that he came across as someone with a clear sense of what needs to be done to put NJ on the right track. He spoke openly and candidly about the big issues: property taxes, corruption, growth and development, gangs, child welfare and a woman's right to privacy along with a number of others and he told us what he would do about each, if elected. I think he helped a lot of voters make up their minds that he's the one for NJ.

Richard Roper Guest-Blogging

By: Matt Stoller November 01 at 5:44 PM EST

Tonight at 8pm, the final debate of the campaign takes place.  Richard Roper will be joining us here for a conversation about the debate and the race.

BlueJersey will also have a live-blog.

Forrester Fact Check

By: media in trouble November 01 at 4:09 PM EST

Promoted to the front-page

Cross Posted at Media In Trouble and BlueJersey

The Bergen Record recently interviewed Doug Forrester during which he said this:

I'm saying at least for four years that we're not going to increase taxes in New Jersey because we can't. And the reason we can't is because the state has to send that signal to the business community and the people who are leaving New Jersey.

There is a very serious problem with regard to the business climate. You know we're ranked 44th in terms of business competitiveness. New businesses, most of those started by women, fail at twice the national average. We've got a distinctly inhospitable environment for small businesses, 45th in the nation.

Hmmff... Not according to Entrepreneur magazine. They recently ranked NJ as the #2 hotspot for starting a small business (also graphic here).

So Doug, where are you getting your numbers? I wonder how the Bergen Record feels about endorsing a liar.

List of Newspaper Endorsements

By: Matt Stoller October 31 at 7:23 PM EST

Jon Corzine has received six newspaper endorsements so far:

The New York Times
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Press of Atlantic City
The Trenton Times  
The Gloucester County Times
The Express-Times

Here's a nice excerpt from the Press of Atlantic City:

Of the two candidates, however, we believe Corzine is best able to offer New Jersey more than a bureaucratic house-cleaning. He offers a positive vision of what our state should be and how to get it there. It's a compelling vision, one that balances a progressive's passion for social justice and a businessman's determination to grow the state's economy.

Blogging with Congressman Rush Holt

By: Matt Stoller October 31 at 3:19 PM EST

So yesterday's house party was great.  You can see a recap at the blog thread on BlueJersey - Rush Holt blogged there 'The Plame Game'.

Here's all the bloggers at the party.  Included here are Sharon, Juan, Media in Trouble, DBK, Rob, Andrew, Mariel, Scott, and Rush Holt (yes, he's a blogger now).  I was particularly pleased to meet Sharon, since I had missed her at previous events and she's a great blogger with wonderful judgment and focus.

Poll Blogging

By: Matt Stoller October 31 at 2:38 PM EST

I don't tend to blog polling data very often, but this is kind of funny.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine has established a clear advantage in the race for governor, according to a new poll by The Record, while Republican businessman Doug Forrester has less than two weeks of campaigning left to close the gap with a shrinking pool of undecided voters.

Corzine led Forrester by 9 percentage points, 51 percent to 42 percent, among likely voters surveyed last week.

The poll also suggested diminishing opportunities for a major shift in the contest, finding a scant 6 percent of voters still undecided.

Furthermore, those who have chosen a candidate are for the most part committed to their decisions, with only 7 percent saying they were "somewhat" or "very likely" to change their minds.

It was the second recent poll showing that Corzine had cracked 50 percent, sometimes considered an important threshold.



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